May 1 2024

EVesto Integrates with the Portuguese Roaming Hub, Mobi.E

EVesto, proudly announces a strategic integration with MobiE, the essential roaming hub for all Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) in Portugal. This collaboration enhances the EV charging infrastructure and supports the growing adoption of electric vehicles across the country.

Tom Kuijsten, CT of, states:
“We are thrilled to bring this pivotal update to our users, facilitating more effective management of their EV charging operations. Partnering with Mobi.E ensures our platform remains at the forefront of technology and compliance, prepared to meet the demands of the burgeoning Portuguese EV market.”

Key Benefits of the Integration:

  • Seamless Public Charging Access: Enables all connected CPOs to participate effortlessly in public charging scenarios.
  • Compliance with National Regulations: Ensures all operations align with Portuguese mandates, facilitating smooth market entry and expansion.
  • Competitive Market Advantage: Positions EVesto as one of the few CPMS platforms tailored for the Portuguese market, enhancing our users’ operational capabilities.

“Our esteemed client, Atlante, is already leveraging this feature to great effect. Their successful integration and positive feedback underscore the practical benefits and operational enhancements brought about by our partnership with Mobi.E.”

We invite all interested CPOs to sign up for a demo of our updated platform and experience first-hand how EVesto can simplify your operations and enhance your market reach.