June 2 2023

Introducing EVesto: Longship.io’s Newly Named CPMS

In a significant move to better serve its clientele and further streamline its operations, Longship.io, a leading EV cloud development solutions provider, has named its Charge Point Management System (CPMS) “EVesto” and launched a dedicated website to amplify its presence. This bold move highlights the full potential of EVesto and will further streamline the company’s operations and enhance its offerings.

The move comes after three years of successful operations. It is part of the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, transparent, and user-friendly solutions to Charge Point Operators (CPOs) worldwide. The website features an intuitive design, enhanced functionality, and easy access to essential information about EVesto.

“After almost three years of operation, we finally decided to give our product a name,” said Riccardo Becker, CMO of Longship.io. “We want to emphasize our laser-focus more and give our platform a clear and concise name which also reflects the market we are operating in. The brand colours and typography reinforce our laser focus, passion for technology, and commitment to the energy transition.”

A central feature of the new website is a specially designed calculator that enables CPOs to estimate the cost of connecting chargers to the EVesto platform. This feature underscores EVesto’s commitment to transparency and its no-commission principle. The website also includes a section featuring client testimonials, underlining the tangible benefits and positive impact of using EVesto.

Visitors to the website can explore EVesto’s unique features, integrations, and benefits, such as its support for AC and DC chargers, seamless integration with leading roaming hubs, and compliance with the latest OCPI and OCPP protocols.

In addition, the site highlights Longship.io’s strategic partnerships, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that encompass charging infrastructure, charging station management, public charging, and innovative reimbursement solutions.

“While Longship still remains the company name, when we talk about the product, we talk about EVesto!” Becker added.

Longship.io’s new EVesto website is more than just a mere online presence; it’s a gateway to a future of transparency, efficiency, and innovation in EV charge point management software. Users are encouraged to explore and discover a more user-friendly platform that showcases the full potential of EVesto.